Gay Code LIVE Brunch

Did someone say brunch?!? Come sip, chew and chat during aLIVE episode of GAY CODE!

Hosted by show creator Isaam Sharef and featuring the cast of Gay Code - Julius McFly, Donnie Duright, Darnell Thomas, Dee Tranny Bear and Miya Mychalz:

Gay Code is a bold and smart, male driven comedic web-series that is quickly becoming known as everyone’s favorite gay uncle. From over the-top tips on how to use an enima, how to get straight boys off the chat line, or even how “The PrEP pill” can protect you from HIV. Gay Code features some of the biggest personalities in the LGBTQ community, laying down the laws of what is means to be gay, proud and most!*

1st hour includes BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS