Dear Friend of Newark Pride:

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! Newark Pride Inc. is a volunteer organization committed to developing a diverse, educational and advocacy driven community. Entering our 11th year, we’ve grown from a compiling of small community events to a robust 4 days of regionally anticipated programming. 

I am pleased to say that Newark Pride Inc. remains strong in our 2016 vision to promote knowledge acquisition and mustering collaborative action. Large cities are rarely defined and valued by their physical assets and establishments, rarely are cities assessed by what I believe to be their most valuable asset — the residents. The citizens of Newark, New Jersey are its infrastructure, its heartbeat and its connective tissue. This is the right place to make a difference, starting with the Newark Gay Pride. 

Newark Pride Inc. is committed to serving all facets of the LGBTQ community by implementing educational empowerment programming that stimulates critical thinking and dialogue in addition to our wonderful entertainment and recreational events. Through increased visibility and participation, Newark Pride will focus its efforts on LGBTQ youth mentoring, LGBTQ citywide safety initiatives and our aging LGBTQ population.

We have a comprehensive mission to promote our members growth via education, networking and our community service. Even after winning the fight for Marriage Equality, Newark’s LGBTQ community continues to deal with complex issues such as homelessness, discrimination and transgender violence. Newark Pride needs your help as it continues to be a catalyst for change.

It is our hope to reach a target goal from private and corporate contributions in order to finance the diverse programs slated for our comm(UNITY) celebration. In return, we will work closely with your business to develop a promotional plan that is mutually beneficial and in-line with your interests and expectations. I invite you, your business or organization to partner with us. You can do so by volunteering, sponsoring events or making a tax-deductible donation.

There's unity in our comm(UNITY) and on behalf of our Board of Directors and volunteers; I thank you for supporting Newark Pride. Together our impact can be unlimited! 


Sharronda “Love” Wheeler

President, Board of Directors

Newark Pride Inc.